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The Long Road Home

Posted on July 5, 2017

And The Adventure Continues   After a wonderful breakfast with Alan and Helen, we packed up and hit the road from Traverse City, bound for Niagara Falls, Ontario. If we had planned better, we would have allowed a couple of extra days to go the northern route back up to Mackinac Island to Sault Ste. Marie and catch the Trans-Canada Highway around Lake Huron, Lake George, and the North Channel. But since we didn’t plan for that, we took the shorter southern route passing through Flint, MI and some of the same roads we traveled on the Great Race.  The views along the way are stunning and we thoroughly enjoyed being able to look about without having to maintain a constant speed or look…

The Championship Run – The Final Stage

Posted on July 3, 2017

Find The Real Data Sault Sainte Marie is a pretty town, but the day started with a splash. Heavy rain was coming down when we got up, then let up for a little while in time to get the car ready and packed for our early start.  Today’s stage to Traverse City is the Championship Run and it is the final opportunity to  improve your scores and standing. The official start time is 7:30 AM and our start position for the day is 42 – and we’re in order of the overall standings from the day before so we’re going to be running with teams that are competing as well as we are. No Mayhem of the Rookies to deal with – we’re on…

It’s About Time

Posted on July 1, 2017

You Lose It on The way Up, And You Lose It On The Way Down! The morning in Frankenmuth started out with a bit of rain. That clearly would have an impact on how the speedometer calibration would go – but not as much impact as the traffic! Typically the speedo will run a bit faster on wet roads, but we never really got to find out how much variance there was because we ran into heavy traffic on I-75 before we even got to the first 15 minutes. By the time we got restarted, the rain had stopped and we were on mostly dry road (for the limited time we had before the next traffic delay.) We were finally able to get a…

Go Fast! Go Fast!

Posted on June 30, 2017

If We Go Now We’ll Beat the Traffic!   The most challenging day so far. Stage 7 was a series of exercises in higher speed driving, timing – and coping with extraordinary traffic.  We started the day leaving Ann Arbor with a short run up to I-94 to begin the calibration run on US 23. Just 5 minutes into the run traffic came to a standstill and then crept along for a good 20 minutes as the lanes narrowed to one as traffic had to squeeze by an overturned tractor tailer. That was just a harbinger of what was in store for the day! Once we were finally able to complete the calibration, we made it to the start point on time with minutes…

Finding The Groove

Posted on June 30, 2017

  No Excuses! Our start position for Stage 6 is 56! Great to be on the 1st page of the Start Order for a change. It’s a beautiful morning in Auburn and the Ranchero is ready to hit the pavement (or the “Chip & Sealer,” or whatever they call it out here!)   Our speedometer was right on for the calibration run, so it was all on the driver and navigator to execute. The first few legs of the morning had us make our way from Auburn to a Pit Sop at the Shipshewana Auto Museum. What a lovely place, and the welcome by the local folks and the museum was superb! It’s too bad we couldn’t spend more time – we’ll have to go…

And Mayhem Ensued

Posted on June 28, 2017

We Skipped the Drama   What a gorgeous day to be on the road! The weather in Indianapolis couldn’t be more perfect. We drew start position 72 for the day (our lowest so far) and we were only 5 positions from Alan and Helen so we were able to see them throughout the day! We had a good night’s sleep and felt ready to handle any curve balls that might come our way. But, boy, do we wish a lot of other people got the message about being prepared! Some days, you just can’t catch a break. For some reason, a number of teams had brain checks and were not at their assigned start positions. This is not only a bad thing for the team…

Stage 4 Rocked And The Hills Rolled

Posted on June 27, 2017

Are We Starting To Feel It Now, Or What?   Stage 4 started bright and early in Bowling Green, with our start position at 78 – the earliest we’ve gone out yet. It turned out to be a mixed emotions day. On the way to pick up our instructions we learned that our brother-in-law’s Dad passed away this morning. After getting through the initial shock, Lauren decided we were going to dedicate today’s performance to Ray. We were determined it was going to be a good one with Ray looking over us! We got out on the road and ran the calibration run with no problem, but determined we would need to adjust the speedometer since we were losing about 11 seconds / hour.…