The First Step

The Ranchero is on the road – but going the easy way! The car was picked up on Friday by Henry and Cindy of Reliable Carriers in their beautiful rig. We’ve used Reliable to ship our vehicles for several years and have never been disappointed. If you’ve ever shipped a car or truck you’re probably familiar with the vast number of options to get your car from Point A to Point B – many of them fraught with uncertainty and varying degrees of dismay.

None of that with these guys! They know cars and all the different issues with all the various marques, frames, axels, wheels, and every issue that can arise when transporting antique, classic, and everyday vehicles. And the vehicles have always been delivered to the final destination on time. That’s a major issue! Every year there are teams freaked the day before the Great Race because their carrier is delayed and they don’t have a clue where their car is or if it will be delivered in time. Who needs that?

The biggest challenge getting the Ranchero shipped is finding a spot in a congested urban area where a truck with an 85 foot trailer can (legally) go and not obstruct traffic or knock down overhead power, telephone, and cable lines. (All of which have happened coming into our neighborhood.) The main road coming into our neighborhood has a weight restriction of 5 tons so I had to find a spot on a truck route that would be a minimal disruption to traffic. I figured out a route and Henry and Cindy were able to navigate through White Plains to a spot about 1 mile from home where we were able to load the Ranchero with no problems.

I have a GPS tracker on the car and it’s showing the car is located in South Carolina already. Should be in Jacksonville in plenty of time for us to pick it up on Wednesday!

Stay tuned!